Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 2014

So my 2014 New Year’s resolution of blogging every month has officially fallen to shambles.  I’ve thought about going back and blogging for every month, but the thought of doing that much blogging scares me away from the computer for another few days, so I need to just pick up the pieces .  But there was lots of excitement in those months - in July we went to St. Martin for a month, where we:

Played on the beach
Played in the pool
Played with cars
Found out we could color on the white tile floor and wipe it off easily (which meant our floor was full of roads and we didn’t have to buy paper for Troy) (we are thrifty )
Took our inflatable kayak (and our screaming Troy) to an island about a ½ mile off the coast of St. Martin, where the sand was WHITE and the water was so crystal clear – I felt like we were in a commercial.  It was beautiful.
Ran up some crazy hills.
Went to the “airplane beach” twice (Maho Beach), which was very cool.  Troy loved it, and now calls almost every beach the “airplane beach”.
Ate delicious French pizza.
Ate delicious expensive French food.
Learned a tiny bit of French (not as much as we should have!)
Met some awesome people who were tourists like us.
Hiked to a few beaches.

I think that’s the bulk of it…I probably missed a lot, but that’s what happens when you don’t blog every month!  

LATELY, we’ve been hanging out here, back in Ct, where the leaves are almost done changing and falling already!  I love fall.  I love the apple-picking, pumpkins everywhere, the combination of cool weather and sunshine, leaf-jumping, fires in my parent’s fireplace, hot chocolate, and I love the holidays that are coming.  I also love how well the heat works in our apartment .  I think that pretty much sums up our fall!  Dusty went on a bike trip a couple of weekends ago while Jen, Troy and I explored a little of the western part of Ct.   Unfortunately it rained that weekend so the giant vat of popcorn kernels at the farm we went to (specifically for the popcorn kernels, how fun is that?!) was closed.  But they did have a petting zoo, which Troy really appreciated .  And we stayed at TWO hotels that had pools, and thankfully hot tubs, too.  We had a blast.

Here comes some more picture-overload :).  

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