Sunday, May 27, 2012

hello Idaho!


We got here about 2 weeks ago now, and we’ve been having a great time just hanging out with family, playing games, doing a little exploring, and carrying on the family business (buying things at yard sales and selling them on craigslist – that’s mostly Dusty.  Troy doesn’t share his Grandma’s love of garage-saling, especially at 7am.  Or that could be me…it’s probably both of us..)  We road tripped across the country with our Subaru filled to the brim and struggling up the hills once we got out of Florida.  And we made it without any major (or minor, for that matter) issues with our car!  I figured there were so many pictures it’d be better to create one of these nifty albums.  The pictures are in no particular order…but you get the gist!  We got to see some good friends and played in Georgia, in the Smokies, Kentucky (Mammoth Caves), the Ozarks, Nauvoo, Missouri, the Rockies, and then ended our journey by driving through the last night to get to Boise while Troy slept. 

IMG_0787  IMG_0781 IMG_0778

So now we’re in Idaho!  Troy got to meet two more aunties, Natalie and Meagan, his uncle Jordan, and his cousin Milo.  We’re excited for our family-fun-filled summer!!  And we’re loving it so far  :)

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cbryan said...

I'm so glad you guys got to come visit us! We miss you! And thanks for posting all of these pictures, because I'm totally stealing half of them :) Ya'll are so cute!